These are original Mk2 Pattern trigger guards for .455" Webley Service Revolvers.

The Mk2 Pattern trigger guard is listed in service publications as fitting all Marks of .455" Webley Service Revolver from MkI to MkVI inclusive. The earlier Mk1 trigger guard is listed as only for Mks I & I*, but was to be replaced with the Mk2 guards as and when they became unservicable.

These are in very good to excellent condition, the majority apparently being unissued. There are a few which appear to have been recovered from unservicable revolvers and have been refinished and put back into stock. In all cases they are finished in a black chemical finish which is 98%+ intact, although there are small rust spots on some from years in store. Most are completely unmarked although a few have small Government inspection stamps.

Unit of sale 1 trigger guard.

Stock Number; PISTOL38

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Original Mk2 Trigger Guard for Webley .455" Revolver Mks 1-6

  • Product Code: PISTOL38
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