These are original 'Foresight, Bar, Deflection, Mk1', in 'Pouches Mk2', for the .303" Vickers MMG.

The device consists of an extended flat bar, approximately 10 inches (254mm) long. On the underside is a U shaped clamp which fits over the existing foresight protector of the gun, and is clamped in place by tightening a thumbscrew. On the upper surface is a sliding U shaped block enclosing a foresight. The block can be slid fully up to the left or right end of the bar, and clamped in position at any point by tightening another thumbscrew. The Upper surface of the bar is marked with engraved lines at every 10 minutes of angle and every whole degree of angle. The maximum deflection is 7 full degrees either side of the centre line.

These extended foresights were used on the gun when firing at long ranges to allow for the effects of wind on the flight of the bullet. A burst would be fired at the target and the fall of shot (or 'splash' as it was commonly called) observed. The angle from the target could then be measured with a compass or the gun director, and the correction applied to the foresight. The gun could then be aimed directly at the target using the device rather than having to judge the correction by eye.

These Foresight Bar Deflection's are in excellent to new condition, the majority with unblemished original finish. Each comes in an original 'Pouch, Bar, Deflection' Mk2, which is a canvas case with a webbing tab closure. The pouches are also in excellent to new condition and of Australian manufacture and dated 1941.

Unit of sale, 1 Foresight Deflection Bar in one pouch.

British Army Part Nos; Bar; C1/BD0270. Pouch; C1/BD2521.

Stock No VICK 34.

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Original Foresight Bar, Deflection Mk1 c/w Pouch Mk2

  • Manufacturer: Vickers
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