These are 5 round Charger Clips for 7.62mm x 51 NATO ammunition.
The clips are designed to hold 5 rounds of ammunition ready to be fed into a magazine. Usually these were factory loaded into 50 round cloth bandoliers (10 clips of ammunition) for ease of carriage and availability on the battlefield. In the British Army each man would carry 2 bandoliers in addition to his 4 filled magazines for his SLR.
To use them, an adaptor of an appropriate type is fitted to the magazine and the ammunition is fed by using thumb pressure straight into the magazine. On 7.62mm converted Lee Enfield rifles the clip can be fitted to the charger bridge with the use of a special adaptor clip, so that rounds can be fed into the magazine without removing the magazine from the rifle. Some trails pattern British L1A1 SLR's and Canadian C1 FAL's were also fitted with a special short top cover with an attachment for these clips so that they could be loaded in the same fashion. These clips will also fit .30-06 ammunition, although they are not interchangeable with the '03 Springfield clips for use with that rifle.
These clips are of American manufacture and are marked 'SEY' on the underside (Seymour Products). They have a light grey Parkerised finish and are identical in design to British clips (or vice versa!). The clips all appear to have been used once. All are in excellent condition with only minor marking to the spring steel strip which holds the rounds in place to show that they have ever been used.

Unit of sale; 1 pack of 5 clips (to hold 25 rounds of ammunition in total).

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7.62mm NATO, 5 Round Charger Clip, Pack of 5

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