These are original British Armourers 'Gauge Straightness of Bore. 0.345"' used for barrel testing on all marks of 9mm Sterling SMG's and STEN M/C's.

The gauge is cylindrical with an overall length of 7 inches (178mm). At one end the diameter is reduced for approx 1" (25mm), any markings are found here. Please note that the markings illustrated in the picture are the clearest example found, it should be regarded as an example only and the majority of the gauges are NOT as clearly or neatly marked as this. This end of the gauge is bored out and threaded for a gauge rod to be screwed into it if desired. This gauge is a running gauge, that is it should pass freely through the whole length of the bore without sticking.

These gauges carry a variety of markings, some engraved and some etched in electric pencil. Some are dated some are not. This gauge was certainly in service from at least 1942 and remained a service gauge until at least the early 1990's when the Sterling SMG was phased out of service.

The gauges are in good to excellent condition, although some do exhibit small patches of very light surface pitting or staining from previous storage corrosion.

Unit of sale; 1 gauge.

British Army drawing No; SM419.

NATO Stock No B2/5220-99-961-9338.

Stock No. ARMRSTOOL39.

Note; As we cannot be sure of the exact calibrated measurements of any small arms gauges due to age, provenance, wear & tear etc, ALL gauges sold (unless specified) are sold as collectors curios only and we do not offer any guarantees as to their servicability or ability to be used for their original or intended purpose.

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British Armrs Gauge Straightness of Bore for Sterling & STEN

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