These are original, British issue, Armourers 'Slip' gauges for the .38" Enfield Pistol Revolver No2 Mk1.

These gauges are 0.067" thick and are reject gauges for the distance between the rear face of the cylinder and the sheild. With the pistol fully assembled if this gauge could be slipped into the gap between the cylinder and the sheild then the pistol would be out of tolerance and either returned to the factory for major reworking or condemned.

These particular gauges are in excellent condition, still in their original factory oilskin wrappers and are heavily greased. Once cleaned off these come up as new (see picture). They are engraved on the handle '.067 REJ' and 'PISTOL REVOLVER No2 MK1 PISTOL ASSEMBLED' along with an individual serial number. On the reverse side of the handle is engraved the year and month of manufacture (on those unwrapped so far '3/44' for March 1944) along with the manufacturers monogram for General Plastics.

Unit of sale 1 gauge. British Army Part No SM148. Stock No ARMRSTOOL46.

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Armourers Slip Gauge for Revolver No2 Mk1 (Unissued)

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