• British, Black Plastic Oil Bottle, Mk5

These are original, British Army issue, Mk.5 Oil Bottles.

Designed as a replacement for the brass (MkIV) Butt Trap Oil Bottle originally issued with Lee Enfield Rifles, these plastic Mk5 versions were first issued during the Second World War. Cheaper to produce, lighter and not requiring valuable brass to produce them, these were a natural progression and were of similar design and just a good as their brass predecessor, although some early ones were inclined to warp or bend if left out in the sun. This type, made from a hard black plastic, was probably brought in towards the end of the war and remained in service unchanged until around the mid 1990's when the design of the cap and seal were changed.

This type of bottle was standard issue with No.4 Rifles, No.5 Jungle Carbines, BREN's (for Oil, Low, Cold test and graphite grease), STENs, Sterling SMGs, L1A1 SLRs, No4(T) & L42A1 Sniper Rifles and a host of other contemporary weapons.

In new or near new condition, unmarked and undated.

unit of sale 1 bottle.

British Army Part No SM52A or BA6320.

NATO Stock No B1/8125-99-961-9248.

Stock No OIL003A

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British, Black Plastic Oil Bottle, Mk5

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