These are original magazine charging adaptor tools for 7.62mm NATO FAL magazines.

These pressed steel adaptors are a push fit onto the top of the magazines so that 5 round clips of ammunition can be stripped straight into the magazine in seconds by pressing down with the thumb. The empty clip is then removed or tipped out and the procedure repeated until the magazine is full. Although these are of a very similar pattern to the British SLR magazine charger these are not interchangeable as the FAL magazine is very slightly shorter and the front locating lug is much smaller on the FAL magazine and consequently so is the cut out on the front face of the charger.

These charger guides are unmarked, although it is believed that they are of Belgian origin. These are in excellent used condition with little or no wear to either the metal or the finish. The overall finish is phosphated, although some are blackened as well, shades range from slate grey to black.

Unit of sale 1 charger. Stock No FAL8.

Note; These magazine chargers accept all standard NATO 5 round 7.62mm charger clips.

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Magazine Charger Adaptor for 7.62mm NATO Metric FAL Magazines

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