These are original FN produced tools for the removal and fitting of extractors from the metric FN FAL Rifle. These tools can also be used to do the same job on inch pattern L1A1 SLR's.

The tool is made from strip steel sheet. The swivelling loop piece fits over the tail of the firing pin and the lever part is pushed forward towards the front of the breech block. The fixed stud on the end of the long arm then fits into the hole drilled into the extractor stay. By holding the stud in place with the hand around the breech block (or by simple thumb pressure), the lever can then be rotated towards the back of the breech block pulling back the extractor stay under control and releasing the extractor which can then be shaken or lifted out of the breech block. The lever is then rotated forwards again allowing the extractor stay to move forwards under control until the extractor spring is no longer under compression and can be removed safely with the fingers. To refit the extractor just use the reverse procedure. See pictures for clarification.

The tools are finished in a black chemical coating and are in near new to excellent used condition with some minor loss of finish.

Unit of Sale; 1 tool.

FN Part Number; N/K.

NATO Stock Number; 4933-13-100-0597

Stock No; ARMRSTOOL72.

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FN FAL Extractor Removal Tools

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