These are original Grip Sets for the British 1" Pistol Signal, No1 MkV. This pistol was also commonly known as the 'Pistol Pyro,1" Mk5' and also eroneously as a '1" Very Pistol'.

The 1" Pistol Signal No1 MkV first appeared about April, 1942. It remained standard issue with the Infantry until the late 1980's and was still to be found as part of the equipment schedule for the Sampson Armoured Recovery Vehicle until these went out of service around the turn of the century. Made entirely of steel, the pistol's distinctive bell muzzle is easily recognisable.

These stock sets are the later moulded polythene type. It is uncertain when production of the earlier bakelite grips ceased, but certainly by the 1970's the material had been changed to black polythene. The change to polythene also involved a name change when they finally became 'Grips' instead of 'Stocks'. The grip set consists of one left and one right grip and a grip screw. The grips are unissued, and all are in excellent condition with no cracks, chips or wear to the moulded checkering. The grip screws are new and unissued. Other than being a more uniform black colour and shinier, the design of these is identical to the earlier Bakelite pattern and the two are freely interchangeable.

Unit of sale; 1 set.

NATO Stock Numbers; Left, B1/1005-99-960-2515, Right, B1/1005-99-960-2516, Screw, G1/5305-99-120-0189

Earlier British Army Part Nos; Left, B1/BB6823, right, B1/BB6822.

Stock No; FSPSP017.

Please note that the current picture is of the earlier Bakelite Stock Set - pending a new photo!

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Grip Set for British 1" Signal Pistol, No1 MkV

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