These are new made striker wrenches for all but a few (early) Lee Enfield bolt action rifles, including .22" training rifles. The wrench can be used for even early pattern Rifles with suitable modification. (See below).

These tools are based on the original design of tool but are cleaned up for modern production techniques. The body of the tool is machined from stainless steel bar stock.

Lee Enfield strikers (firing pins) sit within the body of the bolt, the tail of the striker protruding through the back end of the bolt body and being threaded so as to screw into the cocking piece. A collar machined around the circumference of the striker sits below the open end of the bolt body and the striker spring is compressed between this collar and the rear of the bolt. The cocking piece, when screwed onto the back of the striker retains the striker and compressed spring within the bolt. To remove or replace the striker, or adjust the length of striker tip protuding through the face of the bolt head when the rifle is fired, this striker tool is used. The collar on the striker has 2  notches cut through it. The wrench is hollow, with 2 corresponding lugs cut into the end of the body.

To use the tool the bolt head is unscrewed and removed from the bolt, the striker retaining screw is unscrewed and removed from the back face of the cocking piece, and the tool slid down over the exposed tip of the striker. By turning the tool slowly the lugs on the striker wrench can be located into the notches in the collar of the striker. Then, whilst holding the cocking piece (preferably in a vice with suitable soft jaw faces) the striker can be unscrewed from the bolt. Forward pressure is used whilst doing this to ensure the lugs remain engaged and to control the pressure of the striker spring.

Refitting is the reverse procedure, however before replacing the striker retaining screw in the cocking piece (and thereby locking the striker in place) the bolt head should be replaced and the length of the protruding striker tip through the face of the bolt head should be checked and adjusted as required by doing up (in whole turns) to shorten the protrusion, or undoing in the same way to lengthen protrusion until the correct measurement is obtained. Correct protrusion being between 0.040" (low) and 0.050" (high).

These wrenches can also be used on .22" Lee Enfield rifles where the striker is cut flush with the end of the collar and a seperate firing pin held in the bolt head is used.

Some early Lee Enfields were only provided with a single notch cut into the striker collar. These are rarely encountered, however if required these tools may be used for these by grinding or filing off one of the lugs on the tool.

Unit of sale; 1 Wrench.

Stock No; ARMRSTOOL20.

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Replacement, Lee Enfield, Striker Wrench

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