These are original, British issue, 'Filler, Magazine 9mm, Machine Carbine, Mk2', for the 9mm STEN Machine Carbine.

These are the 'box' form type of magazine loader, later superceded by the Mk4 'spoon' type (also in this section as available). These loaders feature a sturdy sheet steel box body which slides over the top of the mouth of the magazine and a solid brass lever with a thumb loop to force the rounds down in the magazine. When not in use, the brass lever folds back into the body of the magazine loader for ease of carriage. A strip of spring steel down the back of the loading tool acts as a latch to secure the loader to the magazine. It has a projection which clips into the back rib of the magazine to lock the loader in place whilst in use. To release the loading tool after use this is lifted to disengage the projection from the magazine, the loading tool can then be pulled off.

Current stock is in good used condition, the loaders have mostly had a black painted finish to the steel box & spring latch. The finish on these is worn. The thumb hole lever is natural brass with no other finish. Most are marked 'STEN' in large letters on the side of the box, with 'Mk2' above. These markings are roll stamped into the metal. A few have other marks.

Unit of sale 1 loading tool.

British Army Part No B3/BE8322.

Stock No STEN 11.

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Original, 9mm STEN Magazine Loader Mk2 (Box Type)

  • Manufacturer: STEN
  • Product Code: STEN 11
  • Availability: 2
  • £30.00