• Original, Sling Hooks, Mk1, for BREN Gun and 2 Inch Mortar (Pair)

These are original Sling Hooks Mk1, for BREN gun and 2 Inch Mortar slings. These were also used on early GPMG slings.

The sling hook (or clips) are made from steel, with spring gates. They are free to swivel on the triangular loops, which the sling is passed through and secured in the same manner as a rifle sling would attach to the sling swivel on a rifle.

The sling hooks were originally made in vast quantities at a time when form was far more important than finish, but as these were still on issue to the British Army for L4 series 7.62mm LMGs, GPMG and 2 Inch Mortars until the early 1990's they were also produced post war at various times and throughout the Commonwealth. Consequently, some are beautifully painted or chemically blackened, others have no finish at all and appear to be made by an apprentice with a bad hangover! Our current stock of these is mainly perfect chemically blacked unissued clips - but perfect or scruffy, all are original and functioning, just as they were when they were first made and issued.

Unit of sale; 2 Sling hooks (1 pair).

British Army Part No; N/K.

Stock Number; BREN9

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Original, Sling Hooks, Mk1, for BREN Gun and 2 Inch Mortar (Pair)

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