These are reproduction SMLE piling swivels 'A', each with an original screw.

The piling swivel was fitted to the underside of the SMLE nosecap behind the sword bar, and was used so that rifles could be linked together and stood on their butt plates in a pyramid shape so that they would be easily to hand and kept out of the dirt when the troops were working or resting.

These piling swivels are the early, or 'A' pattern which were common to all Mks of Lee Metford and Lee Enfield from the Lee Metford Mk11 up until 1923. They were also common to the P14 rifle (rifle No3 Mk1 &1*).

They were superceded in 1923 by the smaller Piling Swivel 'B' which can be found elsewhere in this section (subject to stock). All piling swivels were officially declared obsolete and removed from British SMLEs prior to WW2, although some reserve rifles in store retained them and were issued with them fitted when the rifles were brought from store on mobilisation. Some Commonwealth countries also retained them until well into WW2. It should be noted that although - on paper - all WW1 SMLE's should have been fitted with these piling swivels, on the front line they were often removed and discarded, the practice of piling rifles not being commonly used in the trenches as the rifles had to be to hand at all times, and they were just something else almost designed to get caught on barbed wire!

Unit of sale 1 swivel c/w screw.

The swivels are in new condition, being made for us, and have a chemically blackened finish. Other than not being battered to death they are made to the original pattern and are virtually indistinguishable from the originals.

Original British Army Part No BB0773.


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Repro, SMLE Etc, Piling Swivel 'A' & Screw

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