These are museum quality reproduction, BREN tripod anti-aircraft handle stowage clips.

The Mk1 BREN tripod was designed not only as a conventional tripod for firing the gun on fixed lines, but also to be used as an anti-aircraft tripod. Originally these tripods came equiped with a supplementary gun grip designed to attach to the BREN gun rear mounting bracket on the underside of the butt for more control of the gun when firing at aircraft. The handle was stowed in 2 spring clips which were fitted to the frame of the tripod.

After the fall of France in 1940, it was decided that this grip was too complicated and expensive for the advantage that it may have given. The grip was declared obsolete and dispensed with, and Mk1 tripods were no longer fitted with the stowage clips. Today both original AA grips and the stowage clips are very rare and desirable collectors items.

These very carefully made spring steel stowage clips have been made using the original drawings and are faithful in every detail to the originals.

Unit of sale; 1 pair of stowage clips (to equip one tripod)

British Army Part No; N/K


Please note; Fitting these clips requires only a flat point screwdriver, however the exact procedure for fitting them must be followed otherwise the clips will not fit correctly and may be damaged. Fitting instructions for these can be found in the 'Articles' Section of the website here; Fitting Guide for Repro BREN AA Handle Storage Clips

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Reproduction, AA Handle Stowage Clips For BREN Mk1 Tripod

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