These are reproduction, Cases, Telescope, No8 Mk2 for the No32 Telescope as fitted to Lee Enfield No4(T) Sniper Rifles.

Produced for us in England, these cases are made using an original of these very rare wartime alternative to the more familiar steel hinged lid cases (Case, No8 Mk1), as a pattern.

These Mk2 cases were introduced in November, 1944, and were - in theory at least - supposed to replace the Mk1 case which was to be 'wasted out', that is no longer repaired or issued but used until unservicable and then replaced by Mk2 cases. The Mk2 cases were also to be specifically used to carry Mk2 Telescopes where a manufacturing concession meant that the eye piece was up to 0.1 inch longer than standard and therefore these telescopes would physically not fit into the Mk1 case.

In practice the Mk2 case not only provided a far lower level of protection than the much more robust Mk1, but being basically an open ended tin can covered in rubberised canvas, it did not survive the rigours of a snipers life for very long. As such, not only are original Mk2 cases exceptionally rare - certainly in anything like good condition - but when the British Army carried out mass refurbishment of No4(T) Rifles in 1954 all rifles had a Mk1 case included in the Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) and Mk2 cases were removed from the inventory.

These cases are faithful copies of the originals. A hard interior lining of tin plated steel with a hair felt pad in the base, covered in rubberised buff canvas and closed with a fold over lid which is in fact an extention of the outer covering, and secured with a pull tab closing buckle which is part of the webbing carrying harness. Under the fold over lid is pasted a lable with adjusting instructions for the telescope, which is varnished over. The harnesses are of the skeleton type and include a shoulder strap. They were produced in both buff and green webbing. Our current stock has buff webbing harnesses. The outside front face of the canvas outer shell is stencilled with 'RIFLE', 'SCOPE' and the designation of the case along with manufacturers mark. In service the rifle serial number and telescope number would be stencilled on the case in the spaces provided at unit level in whatever coloured paint or ink that the Armourers shop had available, or in Company colours.

Unit of Sale; 1 Reproduction Case with webbing harness.

British Army Stock No; OS 2578 A

Stock Number; SNIPER45A.

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Reproduction, Case, Telescope, No8 Mk2 for No32 Telescope.

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