Officially titled 'Tool, Removing Return Spring Mk1' these are the standard issue Armourers tool for removing and refitting the return springs on the 7.62mm L1 Series SLR and fixed stock FN FAL rifles. This tool is also required to remove the butt (both wooden and plastic) from fixed stock versions of this rifle.

The tool consists of a tubular steel body with a screwdriver end which engages the return spring tube nut to undo or do it up. The body of the tool also incorporates a long steel rod which passes throught the hole in the back of the nut and acts as a control rod for the springs as they are withdrawn or replaced in the return spring tube. Turning the spanner is achieved by the 'T' bar handle which is fixed through the body of the tool.

These tools are made for us to the original drawing - however we have incorporated an improvement to the design for ease of shipping. These tools are made with the rod threaded so that it can be unscrewed for shipping or ease of storage. The thread is long enough to ensure that the rod is more than ridged enough to contain the return springs and will not come unscrewed in normal useage.

These tools are made for us from quality steel in the UK. These will also fit the Metric FAL return spring nuts.

Unit of sale; 1 tool.

NATO Stock Number B2/1005-99-960-0100.


Please note; It is possible to remove the return spring nut just using a large flat bladed screwdriver, however once the last thread is undone controlling the release of the return springs is next to impossible, not to say downright dangerous! Trying to keep the return springs under control to refit them whilst lining up the return spring nut (which has a very fine thread) without this tool is the sort of task that Greek Gods used to hand out to those that had really offended them and is definately not recommended for anyone who values life & limb, or indeed their sanity! An illustrated guide to using these tools to remove and refit SLR butts will be found in the 'Articles' section.

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Reproduction Return Spring Nut (Butt) Spanner for L1A1 SLR & FN FAL

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