These are new made reproduction 'Pads' for mounting Telescopes Straight Sighting No32 and Telescopes Straight Sighting L1A1 to Lee Enfield No4(T) and L42A1 Sniper Rifles.

The Pads are both screwed and silver soldered directly to the rifle body to enable the telescope to be mounted in the exact same position each time and dismounted with ease. The rear pad is fixed to the rifle body with 2 x 4BA screws 3/8 of an inch long, the central hole in the pad being for the sight bracket rear mounting screw to pass through to screw into the threaded hole in the receiver wall. All these holes need to be drilled and tapped before the pad can be fixed in place. The front pad is fixed by 3 x 4BA screws, the front mounting screw of the sight bracket screwing into the bossed hole at the top of the pad. The screws for fixing the pads are provided. Please note that the front screws supplied are over length. This is so that the screws can be trimmed off flush with the inside face of the reciever leaving a smooth surface that will not catch the bolt head when the bolt is operated. Original specification calls for the fixing screws to be Cadmium plated, however with current concerns over the toxicity of Cadmium plated items the screws provided are plain steel.

Despite being reproductions these pads are of very high quality and have been checked against an original No32 Telescope bracket for fit - which is excellent.

The pads are in new condition with a chemically blackened finish, fixing screws are self colour steel.

Unit of Sale; 1 front and 1 rear pad c/w fixing screws.

Original British Army Part Nos; B1/CR507 (front) and B1/CR508 (rear).

Stock No; SNIPER 37.

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Reproduction, Telescope Pad Set for No4(T) & L42A1 Sniper Rifles

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