These are reproduction US '07 Pattern leather rifle slings, made for DS Solutions.

The US '07 Pattern sling is a 2 piece leather sling made to be adjustable for length using a series of holes down the length of the sling into which brass double hook claws on the end of each piece are fitted. The slings are designed to be used as 'shooting slings', that is wrapped around the arm as an aid to steadying the rifle when taking aim.

Originally these slings were purchased by the UK in large numbers during WW1 for use with the P'14 Enfield Rifles (which were made in the US). As these were never used as front line rifles - with the exception of a relatively few rifles converted for use as sniping rifles - the majority of slings were held in store and not issued. With the introduction of the No4(T) sniping rifles in large quanties during WW2 a suitable shooting sling was required and for once common sense prevailed and the '07 slings were taken out of store and issued as part of the CES for these rifles. Such slings as survived the next 25 years service were then re-issued with the 7.62mm converted L42A1 Sniper Rifles until gradually replaced by the Aertex L8A1 sling.

Originals of these slings - all of which were stamped with the Broad Arrow acceptance mark, and the majority being dated 1918, are now rare and highly sought after.

These slings are made especially for DS Solutions and copy faithfully the origin pattern. Made from top quality British leather and hand finished brass fittings, these will compliment any No4(T) or L42A1 rifle outfit.

Unit of sale 1 sling.

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Reproduction, US '07 Pattern Leather Sling for No4(T) Sniper Rifles

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