These are the special 8 round charger clips for the U.S. .30"-06 M1 Garand rifle.

These clips are Parkerized and finished in a matt black chemical finish. The clips were only for use with the M1 Garand, 8 rounds being loaded at a time, with no provision to 'top up' with individual rounds. Once the last round had been fired the empty clip would be ejected from the top of the rifle, giving the distinctive loud 'clang' associated with these weapons. With the clip thrown clear the working parts would be held back allowing a fresh clip to be loaded.

These clips are unmarked and the country of origin is not known. The clips are in excellent and mostly unissued condition.

Unit of sale; One clip.

Federal Stock Number; N/K

Stock Number; AMMO27.

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Original, U.S. M1 Garand Rifle, 8 Round Charger Clips.

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