About Us

DS Solutions was established in 2004 and is owned and run by us - Sue and John. We are based in the South eastern corner of England in the county of Kent.

Since 2004 we have grown from a box of assorted bits and bobs and a table at a local Militaria Fair once a month to an internet business with around 3,500 registered customers from all over the world.

Our specialisation is 20th Century small arms items, with a heavy biase towards British Service weapons. Our stock includes a wide range of non Fire Arms Certificate (non FAC) spares, sights and mounts, slings, user and Armourer tools and gauges, cleaning kits and accessories. We also carry a wide range of specialist books, parts lists and training pamphlets from all over the English speaking world. We have now split our books into a separate company 'DS Military Books' with it's own website (www.ds-militarybooks.com). Please visit the website for details. Additionally we also have an expanding range of top quality reproduction items mostly produced exclusively for DS Solutions and patterned on original items for maximum authenticity. Our reproduction items are always marked as such, and if they were not good enough that we would not use them ourselves then we will not offer them for sale.

We operate on a Mail Order only basis and are unfortunately unable to accommodate personal shoppers at our premises, however we do attend an expanding number of Militaria fairs each year and you will find details of these on the website front page. We very much enjoy meeting our customers and if you visit our stall at a show please introduce yourself - It is always good to put a face to a name!

At present we are unable to provide live firearms, as we are not a UK Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD), and as such are unable and unwilling to deal in the sale or purchase of live firearms or pressure bearing components, but we do hope to remedy this in the future. For reference, pressure bearing components are; recievers, barrels, breech blocks, bolts and bolt heads. Although not 'pressure bearing' as such, due to UK law we are also unable to supply flash eliminators.

The items listed here on the website are but a fraction of our actual stock. Time and John’s natural lack of ability with the computer mean that it is a constant struggle to add items to the website at the same rate as we find new items to add to our stock! If there is a specific item that you need and you cannot find it on the website please ask, it is free to ask and we might just be able to help.

You can contact us either via this web site, telephone or in writing at the address and telephone number below. Please note the telephone number is linked to an answering machine. I hate these machines as well, but should the machine cut in please leave your name and contact number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.