These are original British Army issue, 'Gauge Armourers, Plug, 0.392" Mk1, Cylinder (Reject) for Pistol Revolver No2 Mk1 and Pistol Webley .38" MkIV'. SM398.

These gauges were used for checking the wear of the chambers in the cylinder of the revolver. It was used on the assembled pistol, with the ejector fitted, with the gauge applied at the rear of the cylinder to each chamber in turn. If the gauge entered any of the chambers by more than 0.75" (19mm) the cylinder was rejected and replaced or the pistol condemned.

These gauges are in very good to excellent condition, although some may have small patches of staining on the polished (working) end of the gauge. Markings are typically 'P.R. 2 Mk1 CYLINDER D1483 .392' although there are variations on this.

Unit of sale 1 Gauge. British Army Part No SM398. Stock No ARMRGASM398

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British Army Armourers Cylinder Gauge for .38" Pistol Revolver

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