These are original British Army issue Split Case Extractors (also known as Separated Case Extractors, Extractor Ruptured Cartridge Mk1 or Clearing Plugs), for use with all weapons chambered for 7.62mm NATO ammunition including 7.62mm BREN (LMG), GPMG, L94A1 Chain Gun, L1A1 SLR etc.

These are designed to be used when the base (or 'head') of the cartridge case separates from the body when it is extracted from the weapon breech after firing. This is usually caused by a combination of weak, or poor quality, ammunition & excessive rates of fire, and / or excessive headspace. When it occurs the only way to remove the portion of the case stuck in the chamber is to use this tool. It is inserted into the chamber by hand and the breech closed over it. This forces the spring steel prongs through the neck of the fired case. When the breech is opened the base of the clearing plug is gripped by the weapon extractor and the prongs are forced out by the stem as it is extracted, these grip the neck of the seperated case and pull it free of the chamber (See photo 2 which demonstrates this with a .303" version of this tool). The tool can then be dismantled by unscrewing the base and the case removed, leaving the tool ready for use again.

This tool is issued to Armourers and is (or was) included in the Users Tool / Cleaning kits of 7.62mm Bren LMGs, GPMGs, Chain Gun etc.

 Excellent condition.

Unit of sale 1 Clearing Plug.

NATO Stock No B1/1005-99-960-0016.


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7.62mm x 51mm NATO Split Case Extractor

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