Lee Enfield No 4 Rifle

In this sub-section you will find a selection of non F.A.C. spares for the Lee Enfield No4 rifle.

The majority of these spares will also be correct for other rifles in this series (No5 Jungle Carbine, L39A1, L42A1 Sniper rifle etc), a few will be interchangable with the SMLE (Rifle No1) series of rifles, if in any doubt please ask for clarification before making an order and we will be happy to advise you.

Most of the spares listed here will be (where possible) in new and unissued condition. Where they are part worn (usually recovered from rifles) or where doubt exists as to whether they are new or not, this will be included in the item description.

Because we cannot be aware of your individual level of knowledge or expertise in the repair or restoration of rifles (live or de-activated) and have no control over where and how you will use them, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or harm which may occasion from your purchase of these items and subsequent use or misuse of them. We always advocate caution when working on firearms, whether 'live' or otherwise. ALWAYS make sure that the weapon is unloaded and SAFE before starting any work, and above all if in doubt DON'T! If you are not 100% certain please consult a qualified Armourer or gunsmith who is familiar with the weapon before starting work.

.303" No4 Series, Extractor Set. £8.00 Buy Now
Enfield No.4 Rifle, Walnut Butts, Unissued. £10.00 Buy Now
Mk1 Safety Catch Spring for No4, No5, No7, No8 & No9 Rifles. £2.50 Buy Now
New and Unissued, Striker Spring for Lee Enfield Rifles £4.00 Buy Now
No4 Foresight Blade Set, Complete (9 Blades). £15.00 Buy Now
No4 Rifle Sear Spring (Also for SMLE, No5, L42 & L39). £4.00 Buy Now
No4 Rifle Series, Sling Swivel Mk1 Set. £5.50 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Ejector Screw. £3.50 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Fore Sight Protector Mk1 2nd Pattern c/w Screw. £12.00 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Foresight Screw for Mk1 (Split Block) Fore Sight. £1.50 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Front Trigger Guard Screw. £3.00 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Magazine Catch. £4.50 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Rear Stock Band, New (Hand Guard Ring). £4.50 Buy Now
No4 Rifle, Trigger Guard Screw, Rear. £3.50 Buy Now
No4/L42A1, Extractor Spring. £3.00 Buy Now
Original Front Trigger Guard Screw Collar, for SMLE, No4, No5, L £1.25 Buy Now
Original, Butt Plate Screws for No4 Rifles, New & Unissued. £6.00 Buy Now
Original, Butt Sling Swivel Assembly, Mk2. £10.00 Buy Now
Original, No4 Backsight Plunger & Spring Set. £4.00 Buy Now
Original, No4 Mk1, Bolt Head Catch Set. £7.50 Buy Now

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