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DS Solutions Militaria - Specialist supplier of small arms accessories, parts and products.

Latest news!

09 10 2017


We are pleased to announce that the new DS Solutions website will go 'live' on Monday the 6th of November, 2017.

The new website will feature a new layout which is optimised for smart phones and tablets and enhanced security features. In addition there will be a translation program built in for our customers who's first language is not English and a section of articles on how to do things and explanations of differences in components between different models of British Small Arms etc.

More information will follow soon. Watch this space!

18 08 2017

Looking for something to do over the August Bank Holiday weekend? Why not treat yourself to a visit to the 'Military Odyssey' show at the Kent County Showground, Detling, Kent.

For anyone who has never visited the show before you will find it unlike any other event of it's type with a unique atmosphere. Something for everyone but without compromise. Collector? Plenty of stalls selling everything you could want. Family day out? Lots to keep the kids amused. Military history buff? Re-enactors and displays rangeing from Medieval history through to the modern day,

Details can be found here;


We will be stalling for all three days with our usual mixture of collectables, spares and books and publications. You will find us on pitches  59 & 60. As you enter the showground follow the road along the right fork and we are on the right. Look for the big yellow flags. Hope to see you there.

05 08 2017

A big thank you to those of you that visited us at the War & Peace Revival at Paddock Wood last week. It was good to see so many old faces and chat with so many of you. Business was good despite the rather 'iffy' weather, and despite my initial reservations about the layout of the show, it was good to be back at the Hop Farm again.

Off of the back of the show, the reorganisation of the stock, checking in the new items that we bought there and clearing the paperwork, all took far longer than anticipated. My apologies to those of you who placed orders through the website over the show period, for the delay in getting your orders out, and thank you for your patience. The last of the outstanding orders went out yesterday and we are now virtually back to normal - whatever that is!

A number of new items should be appearing on the website over the next week or so, and some old friends long out of stock, should be reappearing. The work on the new website continues apace, and I am due to have a conversation with my 'web-wizard' sometime over the next week or so to see if we can speed this up. Watch this space!

Lastly, just as we are getting sorted out a quick warning of the next bout of chaos to hit us, which will be our stalling out at Detling Showground, Kent, over the August Bank Holiday weekend, at the 'Military Odyssey' show. We enjoy doing this show. Hosted by our good friends James and Roger Aslett from Chelmsford Militaria, this is a 'friendly' show with variety and something of interest for all. We look forward to seeing more of you there. Details of the show can be found here;



19 07 2017

Firstly an apology to those of you who ordered from us over the weekend and have only just received notification that your items have been dispatched. Unfortunately I have been waylaid by some form of lurghi and today is my first day back on the treadmill. Don't panic - it is not contagious!

Secondly, short notice I know, but we will be stalling at the War & Peace Revival show next week. The show, probably the biggest in Europe is open to the public from Tuesday the 25th of July until Saturday the 29th of July (inclusive). Please note that the venue has returned to The Hop Farm at Beltring (Paddock Wood, Kent) so if you are intending to go do NOT make for the racecourse at Folkestone - all you will find is a big field full of tumbleweeds and the ghosts of traders who finally lost the plot after last years effort!

If you are going to the show then please drop in and say hello. We will be situated in Row P, pitches 18 & 19 (look for the big yellow flags!). These are on the centre isle, and due to the layout changes we are literally across the walkway from the Modelling Pavillion. The link below will take you straight to the trade stalls map. Please note that due to the layout changes the public entrance has now moved! To get to the trade stalls enter the show and turn right and follow the tarmac road.


16 03 2017

Just a quick note to let you all know that we will be stalling at Malvern Militaria, held at the 3 Counties Showground, Malvern, Worcestershire this Sunday (19th March).

For anyone in the area who has not visited the show before, I can highly recommend this well attended event.

Details can be found here; http://www.militaryconvention.com/malvern/2017-03-19/

We can be found in the lower section of the hall, in through the main doors, turn right and we are on the right near the end. Hope to see you there!

22 02 2017

More of our new customers are having trouble - or apparent trouble - creating new accounts or logging on to the website. Invariably this effects those customers using the Windows 10 platform. In point of fact they are creating accounts and the website is logging them in, it is just that for reasons beyond my powers of description, they cannot see that they are logged on!

Having spoken at length to my 'web-wizard' (nice bloke, pointy hat with stars on it and a wand), it would seem that as the website is now best part of 6 years old, it is the I.T. equivalent of  a dinosaur and only fit for a museum!

With that in mind we are now starting the process of renewing the website from scratch. This will be an ongoing process for several months as the new website will need all of our stock items moving across one at a time by me. As anyone that has met me will realise this is going to be a nightmare as my I.T. skills are roughly the same as Queen Victoria's were at deep sea diving!

Until the new website is ready to be launched this one will remain active, exactly as it is now. It does mean that if you are running Windows 10 that you may experience issues with not being able to see that the website is responding. If this is the case then roll down to the entry on this page dated 12 03 2016 for a possible solution. Failing that working for you we can process orders over the 'phone or though a normal e-mail.

Further updates on the 'new' website as and when they happen.

All the Best,


06 02 2017

On the 29th of January we stalled at the Stoneleigh Militaria show.

Another excellent event, well organised and very well attended. A big thank you to all our customers who visited us there, old and new. We hope that you enjoyed what we had on offer - the sales certainly seem to indicate this!

This event is only on once a year. If you have not visited it so far we would urge you to give it a try next year - it is one of the outstanding events on the calendar and we think that you will find it well worth the effort.

On a slightly less joyful note you will find that we have had to increase the prices on our brass oil bottles for the Lee Enfield rifles. It would seem that these are going to be the next, once common, item to suddenly be very hard to come by. We have (with difficulty) restocked with these, but the price increase to us was eye watering and we have had to pass some of this on I am sorry to say. We do however have a couple of new makers marks available in quantities which make it worthwhile to upload them to the website and these should be on the website in the next couple of weeks.

11 01 2017

As promised new items have been, and are being uploaded to the website. Check out the 'What's new' button on the left of this page for further details! More items going on in the next few days!

08 01 2017

Well it has been some time since I last updated the front page! Military Odyssey has been and gone. I'm pleased to say it was a great success, and thank you once more to James, Roger and the team for a well organised and 'happy' event, well done guys! Since then we have also been to Malvern in November. Malvern, for those of you who have not attended it before, is another excellent event - I just wish that someone would move Malvern a bit closer to Kent!!! In addition we have been extremely busy with day to day work from the website and I have devoted a chunk of time to buying in new stock. Unfortunately the new stock has either been that popular that it has either sold out through word of mouth before making it to the website, or it has just sat there because I have not had the time to physically get it onto the website!

My intention this week is to make a determined effort to get some of the new stock on the website. Much as I love hunting this stuff down and buying it, it is of very limited value to you, or to me, if I cannot then let you know that I have it so that you can then buy it. Watch this space!

Lastly for the moment, I just wanted to let you know that we will be once again stalling at Stoneleight Militaria 2017, on Sunday the 29th of this month. If you have not been before I cannot recommend this event highly enough. It means braving the queues to get in, but as a collectors fair it has everything that you could wish for. We hope to see you there. Here is a link to their information page, please give it a look; http://www.militariashows.com/militaria_info_centre.htm

18 08 2016

Just a quick note to let everyone know that over the August Bank Holiday weekend we will once again be stalling at the 'Military Odyssey Show' held at the Kent County Showground at Detling Hill.

If you have not been before I highly recommend it. It is a family orientated show, but with enough hardware and stalls to keep the most ardent militaria collector or living history buff more than happy.

We look forward to seeing you there. See the link below for details;


17 08 2016

The 'Military World Show' that we attended last weekend at The Hop Farm really was a breath of fresh air! Well organised, good atmosphere, lots to see and do for the public and lots of happy people smiling at each other! The phrase most often heard was 'like coming home', but in truth that was more due to a successful and well organised event than anything else. It was nice to be back at the Hop Farm, it is a nice site, but personally I found the last few years of War & Peace there a bit of a trial, and this show was far from that.

The organised, Mr Dave King, actually coming round and introducing himself and getting feedback was a nice touch which I wish that more event organisers would realise the value of! I for one will be happy to go back next year now, in fact I am looking forward to it. Not something that I can say about the War & Peace Revival unfortunately - and I would be unable to identify the show organiser of that event if I fell over him!

Mark it in your calendars for next year!

09 08 2016

Well the dust has now well and truely settled after this years War & Peace Revival Show. Thank you to all our customers who eventually found us after the trek through hell from the car park in blisteringly hot and very sweaty weather. Not exactly the greatest conditions for such an event, and thanks to the new layout (whatever the reasons for it may have been) very far from perfect weather for a 20 minute walk from the gate to the trade area!

With that now behind us we are now looking forward to the next show which will be this weekend (Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th of August) at the former site of the old War & Peace Show, at the Hop Farm at Beltring, Paddock Wood, Kent. This is a new show on the calendar this year and is under the name of 'Military World'.

'BREXIT'; An update for our valued overseas customers.

It is now just over a month since the UK voted to leave the EU. Contrary to what some of the press would have you believe the UK is not in a state of meltdown, panic has not set in throughout society and we are most definitily NOT reduced to eating our own children! Furthermore, there are no plans to fill in the channel tunnel, build a wall or fence around the coastline, send everyone who was not actually born here back from whence they came, or indeed cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. Far from it!

When 'BREXIT' actually takes effect - and that will not be for at least 2 years - we will actually be looking to strengthen our trade with the rest of the world. If you are outside of the European Union nothing will change, except perhaps we will get more efficient if we can shrug off some of the entanglement of EU 'red tape' that is strangling us. If you are within the EU then perhaps your Governments will wish to add VAT and import duty to your purchases from the UK, but you can take that up with them.

In short, we are still very much open for business, and thanks to the greed of the traders in currency, bankers and stock brokers who are using 'BREXIT' as an excuse to make money out of us (again!) exchange rates to buy from the UK are very favourable at the moment.

We (that is DS Solutions) would like to state that we are delighted to be leaving the EU, but that definitly does not mean that we want to loose our friends and customers from outside of the UK. The vote was a kick in the pants for the politicians, not a rejection of anyone who is not British.

Thank you for your time. John.

07 06 2016

We will be stalling this weekend at the Folkestone And Ashford Military Show (FAAMS), Selinge, Kent.

A relatively new show (this is only it's second year) which is held only a couple of miles from the site of the War & Peace Show, very family orientated with lots going on. Check out the details of the show here; http://www.folkestoneandashfordmilitaryshow.co.uk/

12 03 2016

It has been brought to our attention by a good Samaritan, that there may be some sort of IT conflict should you attempt to use the website using the 'Edge Browser' on Windows 10. However, if you are on Windows 10 and open the website using 'Explorer 11' everything seems to work okay. I will get my webmaster/wizard/IT magician chap to have a look and see if we can do something to resolve this. In the mean time if you experience difficulty using the website please switch to 'Explorer 11' and hopefully everything will work as it is supposed to.

Many thanks to AC for the info.

Just in case you are not fully aware of the latest madness to be imposed on our community by the EU, as of the 8th of April 2016, current and previous specification de-activated weapons will no longer be available to buy! You are permitted to keep them legally, but it will become illegal to sell or transfer them.

03 02 2016

Just a quick note to everyone who came to see us at Stoneleigh to pass on our thanks for making it one of our most successful shows to date. And also to Graham and Amanda and their team for organising such a good event and for finding space for us in quite late in the booking process.


Some of you may have heard rumours of proposed changes to EU Law regarding the ownership, possession and trading in, of certain types of 'live' or de-activated 'military style' weapons. I suspect that many of you have not, or if you have are assuming that it will either not effect you, or if it will it is a 'done deal' and cannot be changed. It will effect you if it is implemented as written but it is not too late to effect the outcome of this poorly written legislation, which will do nothing to achieve it's stated aims of preventing further terrorist acts in Europe by removing illegal weapons.

Please take a moment to read the statement below as issued by the UK De-activated Weapons Association (DWA) - and if you value your hobby, passion, pass time or any other phrase that you feel appropriate to describe what you do, then PLEASE act on it.

The EU legislation is in two parts; a Regulation and amendments to an existing Firearms Directive. The Regulation introduces a new EU deactivation standard and has already been agreed by the EU. As such, it will be implemented by the UK and that this is likely to be in the first quarter of 2016 (subject to confirmation). The DWA is currently working with the Home Office and other stakeholders to clarify the standards and to confirm the implications of this for both collectors and traders.

The amendments to the Directive are proposals only at this stage. These proposals include prohibiting certain (automatic) deactivated firearms, introducing a registration scheme for deactivated firearms and restricting internet sales. As proposals, they are subject to amendment and agreement by the European Parliament and then have to be transposed into UK law. There is significant opposition to the proposals both in the UK and all over Europe. As part of this, all collectors, reenactors, museums, security companies, film and TV companies and military vehicle enthusiasts who have an interest in deactivated firearms should be writing, emailing or visiting their MEP and MP to voice their concerns. We cannot stress how important this is as initial lobbying has already been successful in raising concern amongst MEPs and MPs and securing support in seeking amendments to the Directive. Potentially this will affect the hobbies, interests and businesses of tens of thousands of law-abiding UK citizens so do your bit and contact your MEP and MP. Don’t just leave it to others and don’t just assume that because they have already sent their letters and emails that your input won’t make any difference. Every single letter or email reinforces the number of people affected by this and the level of dissatisfaction with the proposals. If you need help with what to write, please see the DWA statement on this issue (www.ukdwa.org). Details of how to contact your MP and MEP are also provided within the DWA statement.

The DWA is working very hard to achieve the best implementation of an imposed regulation and to secure amendments to the Directive to ensure that deactivated firearms are not subject to unfair and unworkable prohibitions and restrictions. You can support us both by lobbying you MEP/MP and by joining the DWA as a public member (please see our website for further details).

02 11 2015

South Africa.

Please note that from today we will regretfully no longer be accepting orders from South Africa.

We can no longer tolerate the unacceptable loss of packages sent to South Africa, which is currently running at a rate of more than 75%. This coupled with the ridiculously high charges (and equally inefficient service) offered by courier companies has led us to conclude that sending items to South Africa is no longer viable.

We apologise to our customers in South Africa and wish you well.

Something to SELL?

We are looking for Lee-Enfield spares, accessories and tools. If you have any of these surplus to your needs sitting around gathering dust why not speak to us about converting them into cash. More interested in quantities than individual pieces, but anything considered.

Please use the 'Contact Us' button and let us know what you have. The more detail you can give us the better, if you have part numbers better still. Please include how much you would like for your treasure, but please be aware that we are buying to sell on and we do need to eat sometimes!

If you have other British or American spares, accessories or tools we will of course give these consideration as well if the deal makes sense.

Hope to hear from you.

20 06 2015

Re- Pay-Pal Payments - Update

We now appear to have resolved our dispute with Pay-Pal and so business now resumes as normal (or near normal) for the forseeable future.

You will note that our website now no longer contains any magazines or similar which will take more than 10 rounds. This restriction on our business has been imposed on us by Pay-Pal. Whilst we are forced to comply with this we would like to point out that we greatly resent this interferance with our legal business!

To clarify matters, we do still sell magazines such as genuine WW2 M1 Carbine 15 round magazines and the 30 round 5.56mm 'E-Mag' by Mag-Pul, however we can no longer advertise these on our website or accept payment for them through Pay-Pal. If you require any magazine which holds more than 10 rounds please contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to furnish details of our products in this line and how we can be paid for them without upsetting any 3rd party.

It is possible that further restrictions will be imposed on us in the future. Despite asking clear and pertinant questions of Pay-Pal as to what they regard as acceptable, the best that they can give us is 'certain firearms parts'. If you can interpret that then you are clearly endowed with powers not granted to us mere mortals.

13 02 2015

If you are still serving and use GPMG's I cannot recommend highly enough the Combination Scraper Tools for the US M240 MG - these will save you HOURs of cleaning!

DS Military Books

The transfer of all our books and paperwork to the new DS Military Books website is now completed. The transfer enables us to control these items better and also allows you to purchase using Debit & Credit Cards directly through the website without the rigmarole of having to go through Pay-Pal. Something that we cannot do on this website unfortunately due to the attitude of UK Banks to militaria!

Our stock of specialist books continues to grow, so please pop across and browse what we have to offer.




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