Removing and Fitting A PH 8/53 Sight To A No4 Mk1 Back Sight.

1.         To remove the PH 8/53 sight from the Mk1 back sight you will require a small flat point screwdriver with a 3 – 3.5mm tip.


2.         Raise the Mk1 back sight and identify the screw head on the front face of the slide.


3.         Undo this screw (normal right hand thread) and carefully remove it.


4.         If the PH 8/53 cannot be lifted clear, fold down the Mk1 sight and place the screwdriver to the right of the battle sight between the 2 sights and twist. The PH sight should now lift clear. Replace the screw in its hole in the PH sight before storing. DO NOT LOOSE THIS SCREW!


5.         Refitting is the reverse of removal. Do not over tighten the screw.