These are original, new and unissued, US GI, P38 Can Openers.

These marvellous little devices were originally issued in all US Ration packs as a cheap and simple way of ensuring that there would never be a problem with getting into the canned food. Intended as a lightweight, throw away item, every soldier kept handfulls of them scattered throughout their kit as they weighed effectively nothing - and you just never know when you might find a tin of food that you needed to get into (try opening a tin of food sometime without a can opener of some sort!). You often found them used as key tags or with a piece of tape around them attached to a soldiers dog tags. Despite being disposable and designed to be used for a day they are very robust and as long as the cutter is kept clean, they will last for months of daily use.

The British soon caught onto the idea and issued a very similar, although slightly bigger, version (often called the P51 can opener).

These can openers are original American made ones and are stamped 'U.S. SHELBY CO'. They are unissued and in new condition with no rust, grease or contaminants.

Unit of sale 1 can opener. Stock No; Misc 25A.

Please note; Sorry, there is NOT a free tin of tuna with each can opener! Used for illustrative purposes only.

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US GI, P38 Ration Pack Can Opener

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