These are original US GI, Vietnam war issue, waterproof bags for M16, 20 round magazines. The plastic bags are printed with a 'Chieu Hoi' chit, which promised effectively, safe passage, medical care and food to any NVA or Viet Cong fighter that surrendered to US or South Vietnamese forces carrying the chit. The program was universally know as the 'Open Arms' program - a loose translation of Chieu Hoi. Further information may be found on the internet using the search 'Chieu Hoi Chit'.

The bags are sealed by the soldier once he has inserted the loaded magazine, and are effectively waterproof - valuable, especially in the rainy season. When the magazine was required for use the top of the bag was ripped off and then the bag discarded, hopefully to be found by an opposition soldier at a later date.

These bags are dated 1970 and are unused and straight from their issue box.

Unit of sale; 5 unissued bags.

US (NATO) Stock Number; 1005-01-052-6942.

Stock No; USRIFLE12

Please note that the magazine shown is for illustrative purposes only and is NOT included in the sale.

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Vietnam War US GI Magazine Bags ('Chieu Hoi Chits')

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