Vickers collector? Take note; I doubt that you will find these for sale anywhere else in the world!

These are original spare 'Switch Rods, with Stop' for the Vickers Aiming Lamp, Mk1.

These are hard wire rods which acted as the on demand switch for lighting up the aiming lamps for indirect fire for Vickers MMG's. The lamps were used to give a fixed point of reference for the dial sight, so that day or night, whether the target was visible or obsured, once a target had been 'registered' the gun could be layed on at a few moments notice with a guarantee of hitting. During the day the face of the lamp was visible and easily distinguished, at night it needed to be illuminated. As the lamps were powered by batteries of limited life, they were only switched on as required. As they were forward of the gun line (and lets face it who wants to be in front of a loaded Vickers gun in the dark!) they were switched on by pulling a cord attached to this switch rod, which protruded throught the side of the battery box. When the cord was pulled the rod moved and made the battery connection which turned on the lamp. The 'with Stop' part of the description describes the screw locked sliding bar on the wire which prevented an over enthusiastic machine gunner ripping the entire rod straight out of the case at the critical moment!

Good unissued condition but with occasional small rust patches on some where damp has got under the plating in storage.

Unit of Sale; 1 Rod Switch with Stop.

British Army Part No; C1/BD8739.

Stock No; VICK21.

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Rod, Switch, With Stop for Vickers Aiming Lamp Mk1

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