This is original British Army issue wire gauze for scouring barrels of .303" and 7.62mm weapons.

The gauze was issued for many years to both Armourers and troops to aid the cleaning of hard fouling and rust from plain steel (unchromed) barrels. It was issued as part of the standard cleaning kits for many machine guns, including the Bren, the Vickers and latterly in the cleaning kit tins for Lee Enfield rifles and afterwards 9mm Sterling sub-machine guns. It was universally issue to all three Armed Services.

Armourers used the gauze on the 'double' pullthrough (see 'USERTOOL45') for scouring barrels. RAF Armourers were instructed to use it on .303" Browning MG's fitted to aircraft after firing on a single pullthrough 'at least six times' before pulling through with dry flannelette and then oiling. The gauze was fitted to the pullthrough loops in an 'S' pattern, wound around both strings of the flannelette loop (see illustration).

The gauze is new old stock in excellent condition with no rust patches or creasing.

Unit of Sale; 1 pack of 4 pieces.

British Army Part Number; BB0521.

Stock Number; USERTOOL 44.

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Wire Gauze for Barrel Cleaning. Pack of 4 Pieces.

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