This is an original  .303" Vickers MMG, Blast Deflector MG Mk1 (Second Pattern).

Made from thin steel tubing this item was introduced in the British Army 'List of Changes' in May 1940. Known as the 'second pattern' or 'double parabolic', it replaced the early and now very rare first pattern introduced only a year earlier which was effectively the same item cut in half - in fact the second pattern was originally 2 of the first pattern blast deflectors soldered end to end. The job of the blast deflector was to shield personel alongside the gun from the muzzle blast and help prevent dust or sand from being kicked up around the gun, which in dry conditions not only gave away the location of the gun but made it difficult for the crew to see what was in front of them and their fall of shot.

This Blast Deflector is in excellent condition with only minor wear to the original black painted finish around the major diameter of the body. The only markings found on it are an Inspectors stamp (Crown over 10 over 'S') and next to that a stamped 'HS' (see photo). These markings indicate that the Blast Deflector was manufactured by H.E. Smith of Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia and the inspection stamp is for Sydney Australia.

Unit of Sale; 1 Blast Deflector.

British Army Part No; C1/BD6369.

Stock No; VICK4.

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.303" Vickers MMG, Blast Deflector

  • Manufacturer: Vickers
  • Product Code: VICK4
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