These are original Mk2 clearing plugs for the British 7.92x57mm BESA Tank MG.

The clearing plug (or seperated case extractor) for the BESA went through a number of changes in it's service life, but these are the original Mk2 version. Now very scarce, most of these were modified in service to Mk2* configuration by having the folding handle removed and the fork, where the handle hinged, bent inwards so that a new handle could not be fitted.

These are in good to excellent, used, condition. Some have numbers stamped into them which would appear to be gun serial numbers, but but otherwise they appear unmarked.

Unit of sale; 1 extractor tool.

British Army Part No C2/BG4217.

Stock No BESA 001.

Please note that originally we listed these as Mk1 Clearing Plugs, further information has been found however which makes it clear that these are in fact Mk2 Clearing Plugs, the original (and apparently short lived) Mk1 Clearing Plugs were identical to the plug issued for the Czech ZB26 & ZB30 and were of similar design to the 7.62mm NATO versions found for sale elsewhere on this site.

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7.92mm BESA Tank MG, Clearing Plug Mk2

  • Manufacturer: BESA
  • Product Code: BESA 001
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  • £25.00