• .50" Browning MG, Separated Case Extractor

These are original, US manufactured, Separated Case Extractors for the .50" series of Browning Machine Guns.

Turned from solid spring steel, these extractors are of the T3 'tuning fork' type rather than the alternative early and relatively unknown M5 lever type. They are designed to pull the front half of a separated cartridge case from the chamber of the barrel, something which invariably happens when the gun is incorrectly headspaced when reassembled. To use the extractor the breech block is pulled back and the extractor fed into the extractor rails (T slot) on the front of the breech block. The breech is then closed forcing the split front end of the extractor through the neck of the stuck front half of the cartridge. As the split clears the end of the neck the 2 arms spring out and the ridge hooks over the end of the cartridge. As the breech is pulled back with the cocking handle the extractor pulls the front half of the cartridge case from the chamber. The extractor (with the separated case still in place) then falls out through the ejection port. After the chamber is checked for any damage the headspace can now be set correctly and the gun brought back into action.

Mostly found with no markings, these extractors may be of any date from circa 1943 until the modern day as the design has not changed.

Good to excellent used condition. Unit of sale 1 extractor tool. US Part Number T3 C7160041. NATO Stock Number C1/4933-00-716-0041. Stock No BMG11.

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.50" Browning MG, Separated Case Extractor

  • Manufacturer: Browning
  • Product Code: BMG11
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