These are original, British issue, 2 piece 'Rods, Cleaning, Cylinder. Lewis .303" MG, Mk1'.

A truely rare and lucky find, these were found at a local militaria fair being offered as 'shotgun rods' and we were able to purchase 2 complete bundles of them.

The rods are made from turned wood, most appear to be beech, although some are apparently Ash (as specified in the List of Changes '...Ash or other suitable hardwood...'). The handle section is 16 3/8" (414mm) long, with a grip formed with numerous shallow turned grooves and a brass ferrule at the other with a male thread protruding. The ferrules are stamped with a Broad Arrow ownership mark (see pictures 2 & 3). The lower (or 'joint') section is of a similar form but parallel sided without the grooves and with a brass ferrule at each end. The ferrules are also stamped with Broad Arrows. The joint portion measures 17 1/8" (434mm) in length.

Despite being in original stores bundles when found, these appear to be from a number of different makers. Numerous small variations of form can be found in the rods that we have, different numbers of grooves in the grip portions, different shapes of handle some swollen out and some parallel etc. Most of the rods appear unissued and clean, some virtually in brand new condition, although a few have obviously seen service and some have just storage marks or dirty finger prints on them. All are servicable. See picture 4 for typical variations in the rods.

These rods accept Lewis brushes and mops only. Although Mk1 Bren brushes and mops are of similar pattern they will not fit these rods as the size of thread is different, Lewis gun ones to fit these rods being significantly bigger than the Bren/BESA versions.

Unit of Sale 1 rod (1 x handle & 1 x joint sections). Stock No LEWIS 3.

Note: Original wire brushes and lambswool mops for these rods may be found elsewhere in this section as will a Rod & Brush set.

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Original, British Issue 2 Piece Wooden Cleaning Rod

  • Manufacturer: Lewis
  • Product Code: LEWIS 3
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  • £22.00