These are original, British Army issued, 'Butt Swivel Assemblies' - or lanyard loops - for the British issued .38" Smith & Wesson No2 Revolver.

The revolver was brought into British service around 1940 to augment British produced pistol supplies, and contracts were placed eventually for more than 250,000 of these weapons. These are often refered to as 'Victory' revolvers.

For military service the revolver was specified with a swivelling loop fitted to the base of the butt (or grip) to attach a strap or lanyard. These are in new and unissued condition.

Initially given the British Army part number BB7379, this was later amended to 'B1 B29 A 7310302' (presumably a version of the US Issue drawing number).

Unit of sale; 1 swivel assembly.

Stock No; PISTOL36.


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Lanyard Loop for .38" S&W No2 Revolver

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