These are original issue .303" clearing plugs, also known as 'split case extractors', 'seperated case extractors' or in official terms 'Extractor Ruptured Cartridge, .303 Inch'.

They were found in the spare parts (or Section) wallet for the BREN gun, and were general issue for use with all British .303" weapons. Even those weapons such as the Vickers MMG, which were issued with special to type tools for this job, had these listed as an alternative issue. They were designed to be used when the base (or 'head') of the cartridge case separated from the body when extracted from the weapon breech after firing (see picture 3). This was usually caused by a combination of weak or poor quality, ammunition & excessive rates of fire combined with excessive headspace. When it happened the only way to remove the portion of the case stuck in the chamber was to use this tool. It was pushed into the chamber by hand and the breech closed over it. This forced the spring steel prongs through the front of the case. When the breech was opened the prongs were forced out by the stem, gripping the neck of the case and pulling it free of the chamber. The tool could then be dismantled by unscrewing the base and the seperated portion of case removed. Clever piece of equipment.

Original issue in good used condition, mostly unmarked, none dated. Finishes range from deep chemical blacking to bright zinc plating and everything in between. I regard these as an essential piece of equipment in the range box which can save a day's shooting with little effort, and most importantly, no danger of damage to the bore or chamber!

Unit of Sale; 1 Clearing Plug.

British Army Part Number; BD2503

Stock No USERTOOL 6.

Please note; After a considerable period out of stock we have managed to secure a small quantity of these most useful tools. Stock is very limited and we cannot guarantee to be able to replace them once they have gone. Of those remaining at the current time, many are of mixed finish, so a black base, bright stem, zinc coated spring portion (or any combination). All are perfectly servicable and useable, but few are pretty!

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.303" Clearing Plug, Or Split Case Extractor.

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