These are original Mk1 Rear Sights for the Lee Enfield .22" Rifle No8 Mk1.

The No8 Rifle is a single shot target and training rifle used and developed for the British Army which came into service  around 1950. It uses many components of the No4 Rifle and was designed to be a close approximation of the rifle for training purposes. At time of writing this rifle is still in service with Army, R.A.F. and C.C.F. Cadets although it would appear that it's days are finally numbered and it will shortly be taken out of service.

The rear sight of these rifles is of the same design as the No4 Mk1 Rear Sight, however the range scale is marked for 25, 50 and 100 yards only. At the very top of the range scale is a further mark, a single letter 'H'. This is a so called harmonisation mark and is used when firing a large landscale targets at 25 yards. To avoid the expense of replacing these landscape targets frequently, or loosing the picture detail by clumsy 'patching out', the sights are set to the 'H' mark. This places the fall of shot 27 inches above the point of aim. By using this method targets within the landscape could be indicated by the instructor such as 'window of house' or 'base of lone tree' and then engaged by the trainee. Above the landscape target would be pasted a strip of white paper about 12 inches high. At the conclusion of the shoot weapons were unloaded and checked, and the instructor could measure 27 inches above the target that he had indicated to determine whether the shots had been placed accurately.

These sights are in used condition but perfectly serviceable, although each comes with small knocks, dings and wear to the finish comensurate with their age. See pictures for average condition.

Unit of sale; 1 Rear Sight.

British Army Part Number; B1/CR 33A

Stock Number; NO8EFD03.

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.22" No8 Rifle Mk1 Rear Sight Mk1

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