These are new made, replacement, Armourers Flash Elininator Spanners for the inch pattern L1A1 SLR (British & Australian) FAL Rifle.

Cut from solid 5mm plate steel, these spanners are used to fit (and remove) flash eliminators to SLR barrels.

The flash eliminator is a screw fit on the barrel. To ensure that it is upright to allow the locking key to fit into the keyway on the underside of the barrel, and tight on the barrel (a loose flash eliminator will change the harmonics of the barrel and grossly increase the group size) a series of solid shim washers are provided which fit between the inside shoulder of the flash eliminator and the crown of the barrel. When a flash eliminator is fitted to the barrel a shim washer is fitted and the flash eliminator screwed on by hand. Shims are changed and the flash eliminator re-tried until the bayonet lug is between 15 and 30 degrees before being verticle below the barrel. Once this is achieved the barrel is secured in a vice using suitable vice clams and the spanner is used to bear on the bayonet lug and rotate the flash eliminator to finally position it so that it is tight and with the keyway on the barrel aligned with the slot between the lugs on the flash eliminator (which are to the rear of the bayonet lug). A final check is then made with the 0.297" Gauge, Plug, Bore to ensure that the muzzle is not restricted or the shim washer (or indeed the flash eliminator) misaligned, and then the key can be fitted and riveted in place, and the job is done.

These are 'replacement' rather than 'reproduction' tools. The original drawing given for these in the SLR EMER, has the tool with the flash eliminator hole in the centre of the tool in a similar fashion to the bolt head wrenches for the SMLE and No4 Series Rifles (which can be found elsewhere in this section). However, experience has shown that this format with a single long handle,  gives more control when the flash eliminator is finally coming into alignment with the keyway, and also gives more leverage to unscrew tight and heavily fouled flash eliminators.

Unit of sale; 1 Spanner.

Stock No; ARMRSTOOL109.

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Replacement Flash Eliminator Spanner For L1A1 SLR's

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