These are original Parker-Hale made Front Trigger Guard Sling Swivels for the No4(T) & L42A1 Sniper Rifles, and the .22" No8 Training Rifles. These are also commonly refered to as 'Sniper Swivels', 'Centre Swivels' or 'King Screw Swivels'.

Originally fitted to .303" No4(T) Sniper Rifles, these swivels can trace their ancestry back to target rifle shooting and the use of 'single point' slings. The swivel is a direct replacement for the front trigger guard screw, or 'king screw' as it is sometimes refered to. Early No4(T) Rifles were fitted with a 'short shank' version of this swivel, that is when the screw was done up tight the swivel wire would bear on the underside of the fore-end effectively locking it in one position. This was later changed to the 'long shank' swivel where when the screw was done up tight the swivel was still free to rotate on the screw and allow the sling to pull evenly on the swivel at the natural angle of tension. The swivels offered here are the short shank version.

The swivels were made by Royal Ordnance Factory Enfield, Fazackerley and other manufacturers including Parker-Hale. P-H made these swivels commercially under their part number '215 J' and these were bought by the MoD and fitted to supplement supplies from Government factories and are found on service weapons as frequently as the Enfield or Fazackerley products.

These swivels have been re-blacked and are in excellent condition.

Unit of Sale; 1 Swivel Assembly.

Parker-Hale List number; 215 J

British Army Part Number; B1/CR505

NATO Stock Number; B1/1005-99-961-8952

Stock Number; ENFIELD5

Please Note; Parker-Hale produced a number of this type of swivel under the '215' list number, the suffix letter denoting which rifle these were intended for, 'J' being for Lee Enfield No4 type action bodies. These appear similar to others in the series, however they will NOT fit SMLE or P'14 rifles without damaging either the swivel screw or the action body itself!

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Front Trigger Guard Swivel for No4(T) & L42A1 Sniper Rifles & No8 Rifles

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