These are original British Armourers tools for reaming the gas plug housings on L1A1 SLR rifles.

These tools were issued as part of the Equipment Table Scale (ETS) supplied to REME Armourers for repair of the SLR. Contrary to popular belief these were not issued to Armourers to help them cheat by cleaning their rifles more quickly! They are in fact for reforming by reaming damaged gas plug housings, usually caused by troops turning the gas regulator to 'closed' to put as much gas through as possible to make sure that the rifle did not have gas stoppages. Paradoxically this was often the cause of gas stoppages because the increased pressure in a well set up rifle would either blow out the retaining pin for the gas cylinder, crack the gas regulator or hammer the gas plug forward each shot damagng the gas plug housing! This tool was designed to be pushed (or driven) into the gas plug housing flattening burrs and removing raised lips meaning that the gas plug could be seated properly once more. The tool could also be used to clean out grossly fouled housings where the carbon build up was interfering with the fit of the gas plug, but they were never a tool which left the housing clean enough to pass inspection.

The tool is made from mild steel, except the reamer itself which is made from hardened high carbon steel. These tools are all good used examples, fit for purpose but with wear and tear and various normal dings to the chemically blackened finish.

Unit of Sale; 1 Reaming tool.

NATO Stock Number; B2/1005-99-960-0219

Stock number; ARMRSTOOL4

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L1A1 SLR, Armourers Gas Plug Housing Reamer.

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