These are original Combination Screwdriver Tools for the Russian Mosin-Nagant Rifle.

Stamped from sheet steel and with a black painted finish, these tools were provided in the cleaning kit for these rifles to perform several tasks. In addition to being a general purpose screwdriver for the rifle the tool has 4 notches cut into one of the edges. Working from the handle end; the first notch is used as a wrench for fitting and removing the jag onto the cleaning rod, the second and third notches are marked '75' and '95' and are used to measure the firing pin protrusion through the face of the bolt. The side of the tool is placed flat on the face of the bolt and moved across the tip of the firing pin. If the tip of the firing pin (or striker) touches the bottom of both of the notches then the firing pin is set too long, and if neither touches then it is too short. When the firing pin is correctly adjusted (to adjust the firing pin is screwed in or out using the extension on the bolt head as a wrench) the tip should touch the notch marked '65' and miss the notch marked '95'. The 4th notch is a clearance notch which fits over the raised side of the recessed bolt face so the the gauge stays flat against the face.

These tools are of indeterminate age and come from a number of different arsenals, manufacturers and countries. See pictures for typical markings.

The tools are in good to excellent condition although some will have wear to the finish and storage stains/marks.

Unit of sale; 1 tool.

Stock Number; USERTOOL97.

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Mosin-Nagant Rifle, Combination Screwdriver Tool

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