• Original, Wad, Stock Bolt, for all Lee Enfield Rifles.

These are original leather 'Wads, Stock Bolt' for all models of the Lee Enfield rifle which had the facility for carrying and oil bottle and pullthrough in the butt.

These leather washers were fitted over the head of the stock bolt to prevent the oil bottle banging against the head of the stock bolt. More often than not cut from scraps of leather left over from other jobs at the factory, they are often found mis-shapen (see picture). All of these wads are from original stores packs and are still soft and flexible (within reason, bearing in mind that they are often 70 years old plus).

Please note that although they do an important job they can be a real pain to remove to get at the head of the stock bolt. A special hook tool was issued to Armourers to deal with this to deal with this problem. We have had these remade and they will be on the website very shortly and will be linked to this product.

Unit of Sale; 1 Leather wad.

British Army Part No; CR486 or BB0777. Later given the NATO Stock Number; B1/5310-99-961-8271 (Washer, Non-Metalic)

Stock No; EFDNO4SP56

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Original, Wad, Stock Bolt, for all Lee Enfield Rifles.

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