These are complete front volley sight sets for the .303" Pattern 1914 Rifles (P'14).

The set consists of an original Range Scale Plate, a repro pointer, tensioning spring and screw, and an original Range Scale Plate securing screw.

The range scale plates available are from all 3 manufacturers of the P'14 Rifle, although as these are interchangeable and are usually marked only on the rear face this should not matter. Some are unmarked. If you require a particular manufacturer of plate then please make this known when you place your order. We cannot guarantee to have what you want in stock at any given time so if alternatives are not acceptable then please tell us and if we cannot supply your needs then we cancel your order and will refund you.

The example shown has a particularly pristine range scale plate, others may have wear to the finish or small marks or dings, however all are flat and true and with clearly visible range markings. All pointers and range plate securing screws are in new condition.

Unit of sale; 1 set consisting of 1 each, original range scale plate and securing screw and repro pointer, tensioning spring and securing screw.

British Army Part Nos; N/K

Stock Nos; EFDOTHERSP10/24/25

Please note; The range scale plates are specifically for P'14 Rifles. Although they are of a similar design to the SMLE MkIII volley sight range scale plate - and will fit these rifles - the markings are different, and of course the P'14 pointers are too long for SMLE's

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P'14 Rifle Front Volley Sight Set

  • Product Code: EFDOTHERSP10/24/25
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  • £65.00

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