These are reproduction tools for adjusting Telescopes Straight Sighting No32, Mk's 1 and 2 as fitted to No4(T) Sniper Rifles.

Based on original issued (1 Piece) tools, these tools are practically the only way to successfully adjust the zero on these telescopes. Zeroing these telescope relies on holding the centre (or 'lead') screw on the elevation or azimuth turret perfectly still whilst unlocking the outer locking ring, then turning the outer drum of the turret to the required range or azimuth setting, then locking up the locking ring again. At any stage in the process if the centre (or lead) screw is moved even a fraction then the sight will be many inches out of true and the whole process needs to be done again.

Whilst still not easy using this tool it is still the best way of achieving the desired result. Mk2/1, Mk3 and the 7.62mm L1A1 Telescopes used different and much improved turrets which did away with this process altogether and so the tool is not required.

Many No8 Mk1 Cases (tins) for the No32 Telescope have a small Terry clip inside the lid which is where this tool was stored.

The tools are machined from steel with a phosphor bronze or brass bush seperating the inner and outer parts of the tool. The tools have a chemically blackened finish.

Unit of sale; 1 adjusting tool.

Stock Number; SNIPER3

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Reproduction, Tool Adjusting No32 Telescope Mk's 1 & 2

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