These are original, 'Tools, Removing Fouling, Mk1' for use with all .303" Bren Machine Guns. These were later issued for use with all variants of the 7.62mm NATO converted Brens (L4 series LMG's).

The tools are simply constructed from steel stampings, the 2 halves riveted together using a special elongated rivet which acted as a hinge and prevented the tool being pushed too far into the gas cylinder of the gun and causing damage to the cylinder walls. Whilst the condition of the tools is excellent, they were produced in a hurry and neither finish or crisp machining was a priority!

To use the tool, the barrel was removed along with the working parts (in action the working parts could be cocked to the rear and left in the gun to withdraw the piston from the gas expansion chamber for quick 'battle cleaning'). The tool was then inserted into the front of the gas cylinder and the handles squeezed together to force the hardened tips against the walls of the gas expansion cylinder. By rotating the tool with the handles still squeezed together the built up carbon fouling could then rapidly be scrapped out.

The tools were carried in the gunners wallet.

These tools are all original NOS and came to us in the original stores boxes of 5 tools. They are by various manufacturers and exhibit a variety of finishes from galvanised, through black painted to chemical blacking. All the tools that have been unwrapped so far show manufacture dates between 1942 and 1944. Markings vary in size and style but are all stamped or engraved on the handle portion of the tools. Some are very clear, others barely visible. All tools were coated in heavy preservative, which has done it's job exceptionally well! In most cases the tools have required a week or more in a solvent tank before vigorous scrubbing with a stiff brush to remove the final traces of preservative.

The photos show a representative sample of the tools along with an original stores lable one of which is packed in each box (note that the lable is incorrectly printed, describing the tools as 'MkII'!). 

Unit of sale; 1 tool.

British Army Part No.; C1/BE9685.

NATO Stock Number; C1/1005-99-961-7947.

Stock No; USERTOOL 10.

Please note; We cannot guarantee to supply any particular markings, manufacturer, finish or date. If you particularly want a certain date then by all means put a note on your order and if we have what you need to hand we will do our best to supply it, however we can only guarantee that we will supply a WW2 dated tool in excellent condition, and returns will not be accepted on the basis of anything else.

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BREN, Tool Fouling, Mk1. WW2 Dated.

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