These are reproduction 'Swivels, Piling 'B' ' for the Lee Enfield SMLE MkIII onwards. This pattern is also correct for the original Rifle Magazine Lee Metford Mk1.

Piling swivels were fitted to all Lee Enfield rifles until the introduction of the No4 Series which dispensed with them altogether. From the introduction of the MLM MkII until the SMLE MkIII the rifles were fitted with the 'A' pattern piling swivel which was wider (see elsewhere in this section for these). On active service during the 1st WW piling swivels were more often than not removed and discarded as they were just another item of kit almost purpose designed to get caught on barbed wire! The Piling swivel was usually not fitted to the SMLE Mk III* although the nosecaps often retained the provision to fit it. Post WW1 it would appear that many rifles were retro fitted with piling swivels again, and around 1923 the 'B' pattern narrow swivel became the standard for new production. The 'B' pattern swivel was also fitted to all SMLE MkV and MkVI trials rifles.

Piling swivels of all patterns were declared obsolete sometime in the late 1930's, although many will still be seen fitted to SMLE rifles in photographs throughout WW2.

These reproduction piling swivels are faithful copies of the originals and are made for us.

Unit of sale; 1 Piling Swivel c/w Screw.

British Army Part Number; N/K

Stock Number; EFDSMLESP7A

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SMLE Piling Swivel B (Reproduction)

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