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If you were a customer of the old website you will need to recreate your account to order from this new website!

(See below for details under 'Please read this first')

15 November, 2017

It would appear that there has been some issue with the shipping module for orders to Europe, and possibly to other destinations!

Thank you to Anthony in Malta for pointing this out to us. We have (hopefully) cured the problem now and so you should be able to now complete orders for any items either in your cart or that you have seen and not been able to buy to date. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, and PLEASE if you find anything else on the site that does not work as it should let us know!

We have added a couple more articles to the Articles archive in the last week, including 'Finishing Military Rifle Woodwork', which we hope you will find useful. More to come. There have been a couple more items added to 'No4 Spares' as well - again, more to come.

Don't forget that we will be stalling at Malvern this weekend. It does mean that orders placed after tomorrow (Thursday, 16th November) will not be posted out until Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Be assured that they will go out as fast as we can pack & process them though.

06 November, 2017

WELCOME, to our all shiny and new website!


We hope that you will be delighted with it and will soon be scooting around it and finding lots of new and interesting things within it's pages.

Steve, our web-wizard chap, who has built this webshop for us (nice bloke with a disconcerting habit of wearing a big pointy hat with stars on it), assures us that the level of encryption and security of this new website is state of the art, as opposed to our last one which was getting to the stage of being just a 'state'. Not our fault I may add, just an old system that the 5 year olds that actually run the web couldn't be bothered to write new programs for any more. Unfortunately the knock on effect of this is that we are unable to directly transfer accounts across from the old website to this one! Consequently to log on to this website you will need to create a new account and password. Sorry about that but there is nothing that we can do about it. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

This website in addition to looking very different has a number of new features which we hope you will find useful.

  • Google translate is here, so that if your first language is not English, by clicking in you can see what we have to say in your language of choice (or nearest equivalent bearing in mind how much translation programmes struggle with technical terms)
  • Articles; Click into Articles on the right of the top tool bar to see a range of guides and explanatory pieces writen by us to hopefully make life a little easier. (Any suggestions for further articles that you would like to see will always be given consideration, just let me know what you would like to see).
  • The website is now optimised for use on a 'phone or tablet. Personally I have no idea what this means, but Steve tells me that it is a good thing so I will take his word on that.

There are many additional features still to explore, and no doubt as I work out what they all are they will gradually appear - and most likely baffle me even more than I am now! Watch this space.

I hope that you enjoy the new website, and rummage around to find the new items added in the last few days. My apologies to anyone who has written in the last week or so and not had a response but I have been flat out finding my way around the new site and populating it with as much as I can ready for today's launch. I will endevour to catch up in the next week or so with any mail that I have missed.

Lastly, although I have checked through as much as I can, there are bound to be things that I have missed or things that don't quite work as they should. If you come across such things then please hit the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page and let me know and I will do my best to get it sorted straight away.



12 November, 2017

We have been up and running with the new website for a week now with no apparent disasters, and the feedback so far has been very positive. Thank you to all of you who have contacted me with comments. A big thank you as well to Steve of the big pointed hat (not really, honestly he is just a normal bloke who happens to understand all the gibberish that makes this thing work - so perhaps 'normal' isn't quite the word I'm looking for) who has been beavering away behind the scenes tweeking stuff that I've asked for and explaining to me in words of one syllable or less how to do things on here - and being very patient when I stare back with uncomprehending eyes and start to dribble!

Just for information, we will be stalling at The 3 Counties Showground at Malvern on Sunday 19th of November (next weekend) at the Malvern Indoor Militaria Fair. This fair is on twice a year, in November and March, and is one of our regular venues now. If you are in the area please drop by. The show is all under cover with plenty of parking and offers around 240 stalls of all sorts of militaria, books, vehicle spares etc etc.  Well worth a visit. The other 239 stalls are not bad either!

For more information visit; http://www.militaryconvention.com/default.htm

Hope to see you there!


Do you have something to sell?

We are looking for Lee-Enfield spares, accessories and tools. If you have any of these surplus to your needs sitting around gathering dust why not speak to us about converting them into cash. We are usually more interested in quantities than individual pieces, but anything will be considered.

Please Contact Us and let us know what you have. The more detail you can give us the better, if you have part numbers better still. Please include how much you would like for your treasure, but be aware that we are buying to sell on and we do need to eat sometimes!

If you have other British or American spares, accessories or tools we will of course give these consideration as well if the deal makes sense.

Hope to hear from you.

20 06 2015

Re- Pay-Pal Payments - Update

We now appear to have resolved our dispute with Pay-Pal and so business now resumes as normal (or near normal) for the forseeable future.

You will note that our website now no longer contains any magazines or similar which will take more than 10 rounds. This restriction on our business has been imposed on us by Pay-Pal. Whilst we are forced to comply with this we would like to point out that we greatly resent this interferance with our legal business!

To clarify matters, we do still sell magazines such as genuine WW2 M1 Carbine 15 round magazines and the 30 round 5.56mm 'E-Mag' by Mag-Pul, however we can no longer advertise these on our website or accept payment for them through Pay-Pal. If you require any magazine which holds more than 10 rounds please contact us by e-mail and we will be happy to furnish details of our products in this line and how we can be paid for them without upsetting any 3rd party.

It is possible that further restrictions will be imposed on us in the future. Despite asking clear and pertinant questions of Pay-Pal as to what they regard as acceptable, the best that they can give us is 'certain firearms parts'. If you can interpret that then you are clearly endowed with powers not granted to us mere mortals.

DS Military Books

The transfer of all our books and paperwork to the new DS Military Books website is now completed. The transfer enables us to control these items better and also allows you to purchase using Debit & Credit Cards directly through the website without the rigmarole of having to go through Pay-Pal. Something that we cannot do on this website unfortunately due to the attitude of UK Banks to militaria!

Our stock of specialist books continues to grow, so please pop across and browse what we have to offer.



 Replacement, Lee Enfield, Striker Wrench

Replacement, Lee Enfield, Striker Wrench

These are new made striker wrenches for all but a few (early) Lee Enfield bolt action rifles, includ..


Reproduction, Tool Adjusting No32 Telescope Mk's 1 & 2

Reproduction, Tool Adjusting No32 Telescope Mk's 1 & 2

These are reproduction tools for adjusting Telescopes Straight Sighting No32, Mk's 1 and 2 as fitted..


Reproduction, Tool Extractor for MLM, MLE and SMLE Series Rifles

Reproduction, Tool Extractor for MLM, MLE and SMLE Series Rifles

These are reproduction, Armourers Extractor Tools for Rifles Magazine Lee Metford (MLM), Magazine Le..


Reproduction, US '07 Pattern Leather Sling for No4(T) Sniper Rifles

Reproduction, US '07 Pattern Leather Sling for No4(T) Sniper Rifles

These are reproduction US '07 Pattern leather rifle slings, made for DS Solutions.The US '07 Pattern..


Original, P'14, Rear Volley Sight Arm

Original, P'14, Rear Volley Sight Arm

These are original rear peep sight apertures for P'14 Rifle long range volley sights.As originally p..


No.4 & No.5 Rifle Trigger

No.4 & No.5 Rifle Trigger

These are original unissued triggers for No.4 Rifles.They are for all Mks of No4 Rifle. These are al..


Unopened Box of 10 Original Lee Enfield Front T/Gd Screw Collars

Unopened Box of 10 Original Lee Enfield Front T/Gd Screw Collars

These are original, unopened stores boxes of 10, collars for the front trigger guard screws of ..


No.4 Rifle, Hinged Nosecap Band (Band Upper)

No.4 Rifle, Hinged Nosecap Band (Band Upper)

These are original hinged nosecap bands (also refered to as 'Bands, Upper' or 'front bands') for the..